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 David Alexander English, the contemporary, visionary artist, author, poet, astrologer, cartoonist, and filmmaker, has created over 2,000 acrylic-on-raw canvas paintings since 1987. Half of these comprise the trademarked intellectual property The Sacred Geometry Paintings (TM). The goal of this work is to create a series of interactive, multi-media, traveling exhibitions, and permanant exhibition space for all of the work.  Since 2007 David has authored and self-published eighteen books, most notably his latest work: LEARNIN' TO FLY...? (the graphic novel and now 92 min. animated featurre, 2016); THE IMMORTAL  (David's first novel and audiobook; inspired by true events...2015); ABSOLUTE TRUTH...? "Some of what the universe has given me to understand..." DIVINE METAPHYSICS 103 (2015) ; THE UNPOLISHED MAN: The Unpolished Manuscript, Autobiography of a Diamond in the Rough, Portrait of the Artist as a Human Being, The Care & Feeding of a Good Idea...?(2008); THE CARE & FEEDING OF THE NATURAL HIGH: Divine Metaphysics 101: The Short Course Illustrated... Handbook of the Infinte Immortal Children of the Light ?(2007-11); REALIZING NATURAL WEALTH: Divine Metaphysics 102 (2010) ; THE BOOK OF DAYS:The Sacred Geometry Paintings Daily Oracle & Master Almanac 2009, 10.11.& 2012 editions. David's movies include THE SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTINGS Vol. 1.:a consciousness experiment? (2007) ; and the feature documentary EMERGENCE: BEYOND 2012 ? (2010) now available in book & ebook formats as EMERGENCE BEYOND: Book One: The Complete Transcript of the 90 Min. available in both paper and ebook formats.    

David Alexander English grew up on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts; graduating in 1979 from U.Mass., Amherst, with a B.A. in Social Theory, Political Economics, European and American History. Upon graduation David began traveling, hitchhiking, jumping trains, and teaching himself how to write; This lead to teaching himself drawing, through publishing the single panel cartoon BLUE MUSE for a weekly periodical in 1981-2. Although in 1987 he briefly studied at the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, he is primarily a self-taught fine artist, writer, painter, poet, photographer, sculptor, cartoonist, designer, astrologer, and videographer/ filmmaker. . It's been said that his vibrant, colorful paintings are a cross between Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko, and Alex Grey. He acknowledges being inspired by Dali, as well as Albert Bierstadt, Rodger Dean, Peter Maxx, Gustav Klimt and Monet. His writing inspirations include  Borges, Nietzsche, Kafka, Kerouac, and Richard Bach. David is a world traveler; often helping to focalize Rainbow Gatherings globally; and anually enjoying the Burning Man Festival. He is currently based out of both Woods Hole, MA. and Venice Beach, CA where he enjoys the intricacies of being a beach bum, exploring his own creativity, and love; spending most of his time creating, marketing his creations, and questing the ever elusive great idea...